Coordinate the Re-Fashion show​

What is the Recycling Coalition?

Sponsor youth contests

Local Contacts for Recycling Options

​Links to West Virginia’s local Solid Waste Authorities will help you learn about local recycling program options and solid waste collection services in your area.

We look forward to making a difference - together.

Prizes for adults signing a pledge to support recycling​

Committee Members

  1. ​West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board – Mark Holstine, Jane Ann Arthur, Brittany Cummings, Paul Hayes

  2. Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities – Michael Grunau  

  3. West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection – Annette Hoskins, Tom Aluise, Niki Davis, Lisa Facemyer.

  4. West Virginia Department of Education Jennifer Schwertfeger               

  5. Putnam County Solid Waste Authority –
  6. West Virginia Cashin Recyclables - Gary Walker

  7. Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley -
    Lisa Layden

  8. Kathy McKinley

  9. Margi Valdez  ​- Huntington Mall

  10. WV Office of Energy                                            Kelly Bragg -

We provide solid waste educational curriculum

Our Committee Members, Sponsors and Meeting Minutes
It All Comes Back To You

Since 1999, the Recycling Coalition of WV, Inc. has been advocating recycling and encouraging West Virginians to make purchasing decisions based on recycled content or the ability to recycle the material once the product has completed its useful life.

We coordinate activities like the Re-Fashion show, provide incentive prizes for adults signing a pledge to support recycling and sponsor youth and teacher contests.