18th Annual ReFashion Show 

Virtual Event
Video Submissions due by midnight

​Monday, November 30, 2020

Create fashion, take a video on your phone and win!

The Re-Fashion Show is organized by the Recycling Coalition of WV, Inc.

Age–group Winners: 1st Place - $150, 2nd Place - $100, 3rd Place - $50.
Category Winners:  One $50 Charleston Town Center Mall Gift Card for each category. 


  1. Cosplay Comic-Con Challenge: Garments inspired from characters in animated movies, comic books, live action films, television shows or video games.  No functional props or weapons are allowed.
  2. Charleston Town Center Shopping Challenge: Garments made from items found in the mall or retail setting: food court cups, bags, apparel tags, hangers, garment bags, store promotional materials, boxes etc.
  3.  Newspaper Challenge: Majority of garment is made from newspapers.
  4.  General Theme: Anything goes in this category! Any other non-specific themed item will be entered into the “General” category.

Participant will be placed in age groups 13 & under and 14 & over based on the age of the designer, not the model.

Entries shall consist of two videos, not to exceed 30-seconds each. Videos must be in landscape orientation. The first video should include the designer, on camera, stating their name and age group and describing their design inspiration and the materials used in the garment. The second video should highlight the garment with a runway walk making use of the model’s environment, home, yard, etc. Designers are also encouraged to submit still photos of their design, especially shots highlighting detailed aspects of the garment and any fashion accessories (shoes, purses, etc.) that are part of the design.

Entries should be submitted via email to: ReFashion@wvrecycles.org.  Because of email attachment file size restrictions, entrants may have to use a service such as Mail Drop for iCloud, Google Drive or similar way to attach their videos to the email. The body of the email should include the designer’s name, age, address and telephone number, model’s name (if different from the designer), a description of materials used and organization represented, if any. Entrants must submit a signed designer/model consent form available below.  All entries will be featured on various related social media as a “Virtual ReFashion Show” in early 2021. Entries successfully submitted by email will receive a confirmation email.

If you are unable to submit via the email above, entries may also be submitted on a data CD, DVD, or USB jump drive and mailed to: ReFashion Show Entries, Recycling Coalition of WV, Inc., PO Box 40113, Charleston, WV  25364.  Entries become the property of the Recycling Coalition of West Virginia and will not be returned. All entries must be received by Nov. 30, 2020.

For additional information call us at 304-414-1122 or email:  ReFashion@WVRecycles.org.

​​Links to press releases for recent West Virginia Recycling Champions here:
  • Gayle Allenof Hampshire County nominated by Susan Parker WV DEP Youth Environmental Program and Region VIII Solid Waste Authority. Mrs. Allen has overseen the school's participation in plastic film recycling challenge through the Trex company.  Last year they collected 4,408 pounds of plastic. 
  • Teresa Blackmonof Wyoming County nominated by Wyoming County Solid Waste Authority and Brittany Bauer. Blackmon helped Wyoming East High School the start a recycling program which has expanded to local offices, businesses and throughout the community.

  • Recycling Champions

​ The Recycling Coalition of West Virginia is honoring Recycling Champions who reach beyond their normal responsibilities to contribute time and service to support the recycling industry in the Mountain State. These Recycling Champions provide recycling leadership across the state and make a significant contribution to the recycling community.

Lesson Plans and Classroom Funding for Teachers

Our Educational Outreach Programs offer chances for teachers to win classroom funding prize money. Teacher Lesson Plans Align to WV Department of Education Content Standards and Objective’s (CSOs) and may be used for across–curriculum instruction.

Recycling Lessons for classroom instruction.
  1. 2020 Recycling Lessons here 

  2. 2020Recycling Investigations here

  3. Youth Contest Coloring link 2020  Youth Contest link 2020

Lessons may be modified in order to be grade level appropriate and used at different grade levels.
  1. Recycling Lesson Plan 1 - Don’t Waste the Moment 
    Driving question- How much of the waste which is thrown away in the school cafeteria may be composted or recycled?

  2. Recycling Lesson Plan #2 – One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure
    Driving question – What does waste disposal cost anyway?

  3. Recycling Lesson Plan #3 – Waste Not Want Not
    ​Driving question – How does a compost pile reduce waste?

  4. RecyclingLesson Plan #4 – Reclaiming and Replacing
    Driving question – What happens to garbage when it leaves the school or my house?

  5. Recycling Investigations Lesson - include text dependent questions, provide graphical representations of data, prompt students with investigations, and may be used across the curriculum instruction. Lessons may be modified in order to be used at different grade levels. 

2020 Youth Contests Announced

Coloring and Freedom Contests 

Our Programs

It All Comes Back To You
The goals of the Coalition’s Youth Contest are to encourage students to use their creativity and learn about recycling. The West Virginia Recycles campaign features the theme, “It All Comes Back to You.” The slogan presents multiple messages; a recycled product or material can return to consumers as another product; recycling comes back to consumers as an improved environment; and it is everyone’s responsibility to recycle.

Coloring Contest: Grades Kindergarten -1st and 2-3rd

The younger kids participating in the Coloring Contest identify the recyclable, compostable and trash items on a coloring sheet, then cut and past the items next to a drawing of the appropriate compost, recycle or trash bin.  A coloring/cutting activity is available above on the Coloring Contest Link button. The back of each entry must include: name, grade, age, county, organization or school, contact address, telephone number, sponsor or teacher’s name and contact telephone number.  The winner of each younger age group receives an award of $25. Each winner’s school, troop or club organization will receive a $75 gift card.

Freedom Contest:  Grades 4–6, 7-8 and 9-12 
The contest features the theme, “It All Comes Back to You.” The slogan presents multiple messages: a recycled product or material can return to consumers as another product; recycling comes back to consumers as an improved environment; and it is everyone’s responsibility to recycle. 

Participants are asked to create something relating to recycling.  Paint, draw a picture, write a poem, compose or sing a song, make a short video, write an essay, mold a sculpture, create a collage including a theme of recycling. Teachers may assign a media as part of a classroom assignment.  On the back of each entry: name, grade, age, county, organization or school, contact address, telephone number, sponsor or teacher’s name contact and phone number.  One winner for the three age groups will receive an award of $75. The winner’s associated group/teacher receives a $100 gift card.

Winners of the 2019 Coloring and Freedom Contests can be seen in the 2019 Participant Recap link button below.